It has taken me many months and far too many attempts at the keyboard to finally begin this blog in earnest and the whole process has taught me a lesson about myself: I am easily distracted, easily diverted from the task in hand when I feel less than sure of what I am doing. Like many people I have a comfort zone, it suits me, fits me like a glove and getting out of that warm, enfolding place is difficult. I have peeked out a few times, even managed the odd step away from my boundary but ultimately it has been easier to shuffle backwards, pull the duvet back up to my ears and settle down in the place that I know.

Now that I am out in the fresh bracing air of a new world I see that it isn’t too scary; I’m certain that I will make mistakes just as I did when I first began to use a computer, took on board the delights of a Kindle, used Face Time, sent an e mail from my phone – so many firsts but each one a small milestone and not really so different from the first writing I did as a child with a pencil.

For those of you under 40 you probably think this is nonsense and I am just a silly middle aged lady who needs to move with the times. To some extent you are right but as in learning anything new we all have our own pace and I have found that with age comes less of a need to rush at everything and usually things fall in to place in their own time. So here I am writing a Blog and looking forward to hearing from anyone who might like to share their learning curve with me.

7 thoughts on “Finally…..”

  1. Hi Pen to Paper, I have somehow deleted your comment on my blog whilst replying to it 😳too many fingers made fat and clumsy by not enough caffeine in my system yet 😏 I loved your comment and appreciated it so that was not at all the outcome I was after. Just wanted to say I’m glad you had a lovely day in your garden and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying yours 🙂


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