‘Mind’ is a curious word

It’s strange how often we use and hear the word ‘mind’ :

Do you mind if I sit here?

Mind out of the way!

You must be out of your mind!

Would you mind the dog, the kids, the house please.

Today we also hear often about mindfulness and how we should be trying to live in the moment, to appreciate the small things in life and to quieten our minds. My mind has always been bossy and controlling, interrupting my peaceful times with many instructions usually starting with should or ought, disturbing my leisure with worries about what others may think of me, filling my being with anxiety and cares about all manner of things that in truth matter very little. I have tried many ways to master my mind, to regain some sense of balance from the never ending voice that chatters  away at me with relentless energy and an insufferable sense of superiority. For me Yoga didn’t work, too many long silences which were the ideal platform for my Mind to take over, a good brisk walk often helps especially when I can be near water or mountains, but to date the most effective cure has been Tai Chi. I have been going to a weekly class for two years and find the silence in which we practice acts like a balm and in addition I am still so intent on remembering my postures and the flow of the Form that there is no space in my head for anything else.I have come to understand just how important this form of exercise is to me, not by how I feel at the end of the class but how I feel when I am forced to miss class.

The Chinese knew a thing or two about the whole Body and Mind connection and it has been with real interest that I picked up a book this week called Everything You Need You Have by  Gerad Kite, which is confirming the benefits of the Tao principles in leading a balanced life and I’d like to share with you all a quote from this book:

“….this very Western idea of the soul residing in our thinking minds is also at the root of our contemporary malaise.It shifted our point of perception from a mystical and spiritual perspective to a perspective of logic and judgement, and ever since then we’ve been trapped within the limitations of the mind, caught in a dualistic reality of this or that, good or bad, right or wrong.”

An interesting read and I shall endeavour to continue fight and hopefully win the battle between Myself and my Mind so gaining a greater sense of calm and wholeness.


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