New Boots


I’d like to share with you my latest purchase, new, fur lined sensible all weather walking boots. So far so good but I couldn’t resist the small hint of glamour that came from choosing the red pair!

I wouldn’t say that I have a shoe fetish but certainly I get a great deal more satisfaction from buying a new pair of shoes than any other addition to my wardrobe and there is definitely something about red that has always tempted me. If the family stories are to be believed I was a quiet, well behaved young child often losing myself in a make believe world thanks to my love of reading. I recall my childhood as a calm and easy going phase of life and remember few occasions when I would rock the even tempo of life lived in a small Welsh town, surrounded by family, familiar friends and the complete security of knowing every road and lane in the town where I lived.

However, the day came when we paid a visit to the local shoe shop, my feet were measured and an array of leather sandals were laid out before my Mother and I. There was the usual russet brown, a dark navy blue and wonder of wonders in my eyes, a cherry red pair. I had always had brown, year after year and something in my ten year old soul cried out for the joy of the red sandals. I remember the way that my Mother wavered; she always went for the sensible option, and for once I stayed silent, knowing that were I to nag my chance would be zero. Somewhere on that day an angel was watching and somehow she turned a key in my Mother’s heart and I will never forget the magic of her words,

“Would you like the red ones?”

I carried the sandals home, each wrapped carefully in white tissue paper, nestling together

in the Clarks shoe box,42b42aeb3aff00b768a210c8a27eeb48

and now with the magic of the internet I can share with you all a picture of those exact sandals.

Since then I have had many pairs of red shoes and currently have red sandals, red loafers, knee high red boots and now my new walking boots. Does anyone out there share my passion?

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