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Tai Chi


Just recently life has been out of sorts, there have been too many things getting in the way of the routines that make life so much better for me and today I was able to return to my Tai Chi class after a three week break and how much better I feel. When I took up this ancient exercise form a little over two years ago I never imagined what an impact it would have on my well being and peace of mind. For a whole hour I get to focus entirely on  the gentle flow of movements my body is making, the way I am breathing, the energy that I now recognise as it flows throughout my physical being. Added to that I am more supple, my balance has improved out of all recognition  and I have met some wonderful people.

So, my advice to anyone who has been thinking about joining a Tai Chi class wherever you live, is to go along and give it a try. For me it has been life changing; I have always been a person who dwells in the mind, finding it hard to switch off busy thoughts and so yoga was a complete no go as while my feet were in the air my mind was still whirring away. In Tai Chi, I am so busy thinking of the pattern of movements in The Form, concentrating on slowing my speed right down that my mind is taken away from its usual manic course. All the benefits are compounded by the peace and tranquility of the room, regardless of the number of the people attending and the combined energy released by  the simultaneous and identical actions of many is a powerful phenomena. If the atmosphere could be bottled it would be a potent stress cure.

3 thoughts on “Tai Chi”

  1. I have not tried Tai Chi but it sounds like a wonderful way to spend some quality “me”time. Glad you have been able to make it a priority for yourself once again.


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