Change of scene, change of pace

The cases are down from the attic, the cats are prowling as they sense that something is afoot and I have a plethora of lists scattered around my kitchen. Tomorrow we head off to Yorkshire for a week long stay with my son and his family ; after enjoying some together time at the weekend my son and daughter will return to work on Monday morning leaving us in charge of seven year old Poppy as she starts her Easter break from school.

Poppy is a bright, bubbly little girl whose recent school report extols her prowess in art, reading and creative writing so we are going to write a book together on this visit using a ‘Story Bag’ as a stimulus. This is something I used with the children in my classes over the years and contains a random selection of small items from around the house and garden. Having first created a main character from scratch, you then dip your hand in to the bag and choose any 3 items, all of which must be included in the story. It will be lovely to share this activity with her and light the touch paper of her imagination and see it flare.

Much patience will be required throughout our stay as the other request has been to teach her to knit, so I am armed with child sized needles and a selection of wool….so watch this space. If we manage a scarf for a teddy bear I will deem that a success.

We have visits planned to some nearby places of historical interest, parks and play areas so are hoping that the weather will be kind to us and make this visit another special time where we build on good memories and reinforce that very special bond between grandchild and grandparents. When we leave we are heading to the Yorkshire coast to stay in a small cottage for a few days and recover from the increased pace of life which we will have experienced with a young child. These times spent with our grandchildren are so precious and valuable and worth any amount of tiredness;  stepping out of our normal routine is  a positive thing, it enlivens us, recharges our enthusiasm for life to see the world through the eyes of a child and all the laughter and cuddles really boost the spirits.

So no posts from me for the next 10 days as my focus changes from reflection to action, from thinking to being, from trying to stay in the moment to having no option other than to be in the moment. Can’t wait!dscf1216mod-copy This was taken last year during Poppy’s summer visit to us in Cornwall.

2 thoughts on “Change of scene, change of pace”

  1. Oh, I love your idea of a story bag! I shall have to remember that when for when my granddaughter is older & comes to visit. Wishing you a wonderful time spent with your family!


  2. Enjoy your time with family, especially your granddaughter. I have a feeling she will love the story bag (terrific idea), and that she will enjoy the week just as much as you do!


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