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Seven weeks is a long time in politics

So here in UK we are to weather yet another election and like many ordinary folk I am already somewhat disillusioned and it was only announced on Tuesday. I can understand the reasons for calling the election, I fully see that the Prime Minister feels a need to have the country and Parliament behind her as she embarks on a momentous process of negotiating our exit from the EU…..but as a nation I think we have had our fill of elections and referenda.

I feel what is needed is the benign presence of some magical fairy dust sprinkled liberally throughout the corridors of Westminster and with regular and repeated doses applied to all the party leaders especially before appearing in television and radio interviews. I cannot be alone in longing for the seemingly impossible – a straightforward answer to a  question instead of a rambling regurgitation of a pre- prepared statement. The woman in the street, along with the man, is ready to here some truths, however uncomfortable they may be to listen to. We are adults and are totally disenchanted with the myths and legends of what will miraculously happen after June 8th; we have heard it all before and it would be so refreshing to hear any politician, but particularly a party leader, just tell us the bare facts, the untarnished truth so that we can make a clear and logical decision for whom to vote.

We have had the referendum, Brexit is a given. What matters now is that we pull together to achieve the best outcome for the country as a whole not just for business people and politicians but the hill farmer in Wales, the fisherman in Cornwall, the elderly caring for their spouses with dementia, the young children who go hungry in school holidays, the pensioners who are just scraping by and the young adults who struggle and fail to buy their first home.

Sadly though we are already being subjected to the same old, same old with party leaders giving away little that is positive and forward looking, preferring to counter questions with denigrating criticism of the opposition.

If they want us to become engaged in this election they must begin to treat us as equals, as adults with views and opinions; we are not in need of sales talk, this is not a purchase in a superstore. What is needed now is clarity, truth and respect for the population as a whole.

Roll on June 9th!


1 thought on “Seven weeks is a long time in politics”

  1. Well said! Here in the States, we’re not facing a big change like Brexit, but our politicians are just the same. We get sound bites laced with platitudes and lots of criticism for the opposing party, but very few real answers. Heck, we don’t even have reporters who ask real questions! They either attack or suck up, depending on whether or not they like the politician. So sad we can’t just ask like adults, especially when the stakes are so high. I wish our leaders would understand that they have to do best for all of us, every single person in the country.

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