Buying a House – sight unseen!

2016-06-30 2016-06-30 001 001 (3)

Today we met the people who have bought our old Cornish farmhouse for the first time, even though they settled the deal more than two weeks ago. Many of our friends and neighbours have looked aghast when we have told them that the house is sold but the purchasers have done so purely on the recommendation of their daughter and as the day of meeting them grew closer we, too became apprehensive and wondered what their reaction would be as they stepped over the threshold. Would they like it, hate it? Would the deal fall through? Would we lose the lovely new home we had set our hearts on?

After a seven hour journey from Whitby in Yorkshire they arrived this afternoon and fell in love within minutes. Their beaming smiles, relaxed body language and increasing delight as we moved from room to room were all the evidence we needed that they were happy. It has been an unusual sale, we did have to trust in what they were telling us but it was clear today that after many months and countless viewers trooping through our home, the right people have found it. Not only were they happy but we liked them as people, feel happy to pass on the legacy of this lovely home to them knowing that they will treasure it as we have done.

After the tour, tea and biscuits, more questions and exploring, and three hours later they left as friends with hugs and kisses. Our home will be in safe hands and this very special corner of Cornwall will have two new residents who will fit right in like the last couple of pieces into a jigsaw. Life truly does have a way of working out.

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