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The Last Lap


The race has been a long one, much more of a marathon than a cross country, not the sprint for which I had hoped. We seem to have been training for ever (in reality 18 months), regular work outs on line to sift through the hundreds of available properties, intense sessions of pounding pavements as we walked the streets of towns large and small in search of that special place which would call to us and feel like home. Moments when the end seemed to be in sight but at the last minute the tape was moved and yet another 1,000 metres was added to our race.

Now we feel sure that that tape is back in view; our running shoes are wearing thin along with our energy and patience. We have trawled through our cupboards discarding the memorabilia of past races to move house, sifted through the debris from our early years keeping only those things which delight and hold true sentimental value and memories to pass on to the children and grandchildren and the packing boxes now stand empty waiting for us to begin the last lap of this race.

Although we have loved living in our present home I can feel myself slowly disconnecting and letting it go; I feel ready to hand it over to the delightful couple who want to make their home here and with each day that passes my focus turns evermore to the new house, the excitement of new beginnings and life across the finishing line.

I have moved home many times during my life but I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a tough and trying challenge as this one. Emotionally there was much bound up in this move as the reason was to be closer to the rest of our family, both young and old and I was stupidly optimistic at the start, imagining that all would be straight forward. How wrong I was this time as we were plagued by the aftermath of Brexit, a slump in the housing market and the fact that our house was a ‘ one off’ and needed just the right buyers. Our moods have risen and dipped, soared and slumped in tune with our energy levels but finally the end is in sight and like the snail we have just a short crawl until we make it to the finish.

So forgive me if I am rather quiet for the next few weeks as physically I shall be tired but also elated, mentally exhausted but also energised with the thought of creating a new home and practically I shall be waiting for British Telecom to connect me to the internet again and guess what?….. they move at snail’s pace!

7 thoughts on “The Last Lap”

  1. Wishing you a smooth transition to your new home. I am sure it has been an emotional journey just getting to this point & preparing for the move. Look forward to hearing from you once you are reconnected!

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    1. Thank you Lynn, I am really going to miss my new blogging friends. It’s amazing how quickly you begin to feel that you’know’ people in your small circle. Our date has just been postponed again for a week so I may be still around for another ten days before the big switch off!

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  2. I’m so glad that this whole process will be over soon and that you will be settling into your new home. Moving is a challenge in the best of times, but you’ve certainly had more than your share of problem with this one. Enjoy your time off of the internet and know your readers will be here when you return! And best of luck to you!


  3. Hope all goes well. Having visited your house in Cornwall, I know how much you will miss it and the area but it is time to move on and start a new chapter for you both. I’m sure you will notice a big difference with the geographic location. Although I don’t reply every time, can I say how much I enjoy reading your blog. You are a very talented writer. I’m glad you get so much pleasure out of it in retirement, as I do.


    1. Thanks David, I appreciate those kind words it always means a lot when you get a compliment from a fellow writer.
      Just back from a visit to the house and feeling very excited. Moving date is now June 28th after a hitch with the electricity board of all things but we are feeling really lucky to have found a new build with all mod cons, but it looks old externally and the builder is going to convert the garage in to a studio for John once we’re in. The village is only slightly larger than here bit we have the addition of a church and a pub so all events catered for!! And John is hoping to get involved in the Cambrian railway project in Oswestry where they are busy restoring both steam and diesel and opening up further sections of track. All of that and my lovely grandchildren only a couple of hours away, my Dad just over an hour down the road and wonderful countryside and walking all around us….sometimes I have to pinch myself. Hope to see you and Sue before too long, I’m up in July (14- 17th)looking after Louis for the weekend while Amy & Bill have a few days away to celebrate his 40th so let me know if you’re around. xx


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