I decided to start a Blog called Pen to Paper because I belong to a generation who for many years relied on pen and paper as a medium to convey our thoughts, everything from a humble grocery list to writing a novel. I  well remember the chore of writing Thank You letters after Christmas and Birthday gifts had been opened and enjoyed for the most part,but every gift whether to my liking or not had to be acknowledged with a short hand written letter. I have both written  and received love letters, many of which I still have and as the years have passed I have written to my adult children, letters outlining my care for them, my wisdom such as it is for any troubles they are experiencing and now I write with delight to my grandchildren with colourful postcards and small gifts and hear of their joy when they realise that the letter landing on the mat is for them.

So words, letters, writing have always been important to me. As a teacher of English I have helped many young children on the road to developing their own writing and reading skills, instilling a love of books and the pleasure that can be gained from the written word. Now, of course, I write with a word processor, a laptop, even my phone and whilst I appreciate the speed and efficiency, the immediacy and potential size of an audience I still miss the feel of a new fountain pen, the ink flowing on to smooth white paper but I hope to meet others like me who still enjoy the traditional craft of letter writing but also make the most of all the latest technology.